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Healthy Living with Dr. Pat Brown of Chicago, Illinois, is your home for information on how to lead a full life by addressing all aspects of the mind, body and spirit. In her book, Dr. Brown discusses illnesses and offers solutions to the symptoms and underlying causes of America's obesity epidemic. The goal of her children's health book, So What! My Kid Is a Little Plump, is to encourage families across the country to make changes that can benefit both child and parent. A healthy diet isn't a quick or easy change, but a lifestyle change, and this book will help you find ways to make better decisions about your family's health.

With a holistic approach to living that addresses the mind, body, and spirit, you too can live a healthy, happy, and full life!

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Mission Statement

• Provide Accurate Information About Various Health & Fitness Topics
• Help the Reader to Know That One Can Be Truly Well Only If a Holistic (Mind, Body, & Spirit) Approach Is Embraced
• Assist in Allowing One to Live a Lifestyle That Promotes a Healthy Weight and a Fit Body
• Help the Reader to Know That One's Physician Is a Partner in Obtaining and Maintaining Good Health, but Ultimately the Responsibility for Wellness Rests With One's Self

Raise Your Child Right With This Children's Health Book

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Lead your child on a path to a healthier lifestyle by picking up a copy of Dr. Brown's new book. Inside, you'll find plenty of ideas to improve your family's diet and lifestyle.

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Dr. Brown's goal is to help you get more out of life by having fun and being healthy. Order your copy and browse the site to learn great ways to live better.

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