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About the Author

Dr. Pat Brown is an author, physician, and health expert dedicated to solving the childhood obesity problem through her children's health book. Her desire to become a physician stemmed from many things, but one of the most powerful influences on her decision comes from a very tragic and personal experience that occurred during childhood. Her only sister passed away suddenly at the age of three when Dr. Brown was only 10 years old. This event not only changed her outlook on the value of life but solidified her choice to become a medical doctor.


Dr. Brown graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in biology, and received her medical degree from the University of Illinois where she trained in the care of both adults and children. Upon graduation from medical school, she completed her residency training in pediatrics at the University of Chicago in Illinois.

Dr. Pat Brown

Professional Life

During her career, Dr. Pat Brown has been a partner in a multi-specialty group and a department chairperson. She enjoys educating patients and the public in different medically related issues, and hosted a radio show with a call-in format that allowed callers to ask questions about various medical topics. She has also appeared as a medical expert on various local television shows.

Dr. Brown believes that an important area of wellness and fitness that is often neglected comes from the spiritual health of the individual. Because of her strong spiritual base, she is able to acknowledge and appreciate the importance of spiritual well-being and the diversity that comes with it.

She is a divorced mother of 8-year-old twin sons, and a daughter whom she adores. Her other passions include reading, writing, and swimming.


Dr. Pat Brown is an experienced physician specializing in the general medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. She also has experience providing medical care and consulting with adult patients. She has an interest in preventive health and in particular, the prevention and management of childhood and adult obesity. As a result, she really enjoys patient and parent education. This has contributed to her excellent communication skills and a great appreciation and sensitivity of diversity.

For a number of years she has endeavored to incorporate her knowledge of allopathic medicine with her passion for integrative healing. She has maintained a website designed to be a source of information to help one to acquire a healthy mind, body, and spirit with a large emphasis on preventive medicine. She encourages patients to ascertain the root of illness or disease and address the cause, not just tend to the symptoms.